Frequently Asked Questions

Here we've put together a select series of questions and answers that pertain to the iSurf Proxy List. They are separated in to two different topics, the first being targeted to the proxy seekers and users, while the second is focused on the proxy admins who submit their proxies to our list.

Proxy Users

Okay, so what exactly is this site all about?

The iSurf Proxy List is a resource to connect proxy seeking individuals with web based proxy sites. Web proxies are online portals that allow people to browse websites which would normally be blocked; blocked by their employer, school, or even in some parts of the world, their government.

What are the "Network Proxies" on your list?

Network Proxies are the proxies which have been put out by the admin of the iSurf Proxy List, or are in some way (via partnership, etc) associated with this list and/or admin.

How come you're list has less proxies than other lists online?

Great question, our list is managed very tightly. Proxies must meet stringent requirements to even become listed, and then once listed must maintain themselves in a manner that meets our guidelines. Our script checks each proxy roughly three times per week to insure it is still in compliance. If the site is down, or broken a rule of ours, it will be temporarily removed from the list. If after one weeks time it still isn't working, it's removed completely.

What's with the different color listings on the main page? Are they better than the rest?

The colored listings are what we call "Featured Listings". For a listing to be "Featured" it's owner would had to have paid for the spot. Just because a listing is "Featured" doesn't mean it's any better than the other free listings available, but it does tell you the proxy admin probably won't be taking down the proxy or abandoning it anytime soon.

Proxy Admins

What kind of sites are allowed to be listed here?

We accept only working proxy sites into the list. The domain of your proxy must be a top level domain, we no longer list any free domains, nor will sub-domains or sub-folders be listed. For our full ruleset please read the guidelines on the submit proxy page.

I saw in my server logs an entry from the iSurfProxyBot, what is that?

The iSurfProxyBot is our proxy checking bot, it ensures your proxy is online and contains a link back to our website. The bot checks listed proxies every 2 to 3 days and any broken sites found will be moved to the defunct proxies list. If after about a week (or 3 visits from our bot) and your proxy is still not working, it will be removed completely.

Update (March 2011) - To help save server resources the iSurfProxyBot has been slowed down to check the proxy list only once per month.

How come your list doesn't show up in my referrers list?

The way our script works is when a user clicks on a listing they are sent to a redirect page. From this page a header refresh is initiated and then they are sent to your proxy. Because of the header refresh the referrer information is stripped. The only time you'll see our list in referrers stats is if the user clicked on the "continue to site" link instead of waiting for the redirect to finish. You are free to try it for yourself, click on your listing, and then check your logs afterward, you'll see what we mean.

Is it really worth it to get a "Featured Listing" spot?

We think so! The "Featured" spots get substantially more hits than the free listings do. It doesn't hurt to give one a shot, the prices are extremely fair, and there are multiple pricing options available. Please see our advertise page for more information and details.